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*Winner of Le Book Awards for Best Fantasy Read @lebookawards*
Life in Myrsa was not easy. The Kingdom of Hope had become corrupt with heresy and treachery. Threatening, dark forces lurked in the shadows, anxious to see everything crumble. 

Kinsha grew up on the cold, troublesome streets of Seca where he fought and killed his way to manhood. In a country plagued with violence and tyranny, he created a name for himself as a murderous brute while occasionally catering to his lustful desires. 

He met with his trusted friends in the local tavern where a stranger approached him with an impossible task with the highest of risks: the murder of King Nilah da Beral, the King of Hope.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

October House

October House

A small town doctor uses his own home, October House, to care for and quarantine small pox victims in the late 1700's.  As the bodies pile up, he is forced to bury the dead on his property.  As the harsh New England winter hits, and the ground is frozen, the good doctor builds a make-shift morgue to store the dead, until they can be buried properly.  His mental state begins to erode, and he begins acting strange and working non-stop.  His family watches him deteriorate before their eyes, and his hideous secret is unveiled . . . just what is he and his assistant doing with the dead?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Eternal Bond

Eternal Bonds

The dark secrets engulfing 17 year-old Julia's very existence are turning the strings of fate into a noose around her neck.
Julia, a half breed, has many mysteries entangling her life, one of which is being born with unimaginable powers. Thorsen the head of a mighty dark faerie house knows this secret. And he's desperate to forge her into a weapon he can use to rule the supernatural world. To keep her safe she's hidden, her powers sealed and her true identity kept a secret even from her.
Years later Julia runs off to the human realm and Thorsen finally finds her. An obnoxious dark faerie named Alex rescues her. It's hate at first sight and Julia returns home happy to never see him again. When Alex barges headlong into her life making it a misery, all she wants to do is slap the sexy off his face. Despite all this, they're irresistibly drawn together, like moths to a firestorm. Trouble is, she'd chew her leg off before admitting she's in love. And Alex's only goal is protecting her from Thorsen, love only complicates things.  
Now Thorsen's hell-bent on capturing Julia-if that means killing everyone she loves to possess her, so be it. Julia must uncover the dark truths surrounding her very existence and embrace the mysterious bond tying her soul to Alex's. Because they're the keys to unlocking her powers. Yet in this world of secrets nothing's as it seems and some truths may well destroy her.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Breach: A Reschen Valley Novel

The Breach: A Reschen Valley Novel

To bury a secret, you must begin lying. What happens when those lies spin out of control? In the spring of 1920, Katharina Thaler finds a man stabbed and left to die on her alpine mountain. A war medal leaves her no doubt that he is Italian. With the Tyroleans fighting to prevent the annexation of their province to Italy, Katharina knows that, by saving his life, she will bring unrest to her valley. When she discovers why he is there in the first place, she will be hemmed in by the New World Order; a force, which splits families apart, steals one's identity, and cultivates secrets. Secrets, which cost too much.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lost and Found

Lost and Found - The Cogburn Files

Jane Nolan was abandoned as a child, grew up in foster homes and was living on the streets of Sam Remus when Edwina Cogburn, heiress of the Cogburn fortune, found her and gave her a home in her penthouse, and for ten years they were each others family. But now Edwina is dead and Jane can't cope.
    Sam Dunmore's mother gave him up for adoption and he grew up in a small town near Lake Tahoe. Now, he's an unemployed pool cleaner living in Las Vegas. He receives a phone call from a lawyer who tells him that he's inherited his grandmother's fortune.
    While Sam is living in Edwina's penthouse and slowly learns of his family history, Jane is at the Hartford psychiatric clinic, where she must remember the night that changed everyone's lives.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Faded Shades of Black and Blue

Faded shades of black and blue

"I had it all, and watched it fall
Yet loneliness is the only one that stayed through it all
My one true constant, my only companion" 
A Short collection of poems I wrote, because marking my soul in ink is the only way to hold on to sanity.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Becoming Him

Becoming Him [#2] (Trans)

Stacey is ready to go in surgery and turn into Brad. He's waited two years for this, and is completely prepared to look like his true self. No more binders, no more therapy, no more correcting people who constantly use the wrong pronouns, and definitely no more feeling like he's in the wrong body.

While in the middle of surgery, however, a near fatal incident arises. To be safe, Stacey has to wait a few months before he's fully healed and can try again. He can get through this, can't he?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Letters From the Other Side


Sergeant Bryce Waters:  A  soldier assigned in the outskirts of Afghanistan.

Nurse Terra Legado Waters: A nurse that works with wounded soldiers as a way to get closer to her army husband.

 After a fatal accident threatened to separate them they try to reconnect  with each other by trying to relive their love story. Together with the help of love-letters they embark on a trail down memory lane to relive all the good and bad moments they shared and find out what exactly made them fall in love.

Warning: These so called letters will all be in poetry form and will include numerous cliches, heartbreak and a worm pool of emotions.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Queen [Under Editing]

'For without organ a body cannot function, but without a leader we are a crumbled society, lost in our minds and at war with ourselves.'

In a world once torn apart by war, the rules are too much for Liberty and her family to handle. When their actions result in the death of her mother, Liberty will cherish every moment she has with her father, not realising that that moment might be the last. After everything she loves is taken from her, she must make a choice, whether to sit back and dwell in her misery, or to avenge her parent's deaths. Will Liberty risk more than what she has for those she loves?

The Past That Haunts

The Past That Haunts

Lilith Wardman has had a rough start. At the age of 6, her parents passed away in a tragic auto accident. She was taken in by her grandparents and eventually got back on her feet despite the overwhelming hole in her heart. Anger and sorrow transformed Lilith into a recluse, pushing away friends and loved ones. Leaving what little family she had left, Lilith began her new life in Downtown Manhattan.
Her world is about to turn upside down in a modern game of cat and mouse.
For years, unknown friends and enemies have been watching Lilith. Some as means of protection. Others however, are waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Bound by a single promise and with time dwindling fast, her discreet guardians concoct a plan of their own to save her. 
Love, betrayal and secrets await Lilith. Will she gather the skills she needs for survival? Or will the past come back to bite her?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

After Midnight

After Midnight

When the clock strikes twelve, you die.
  Tessa Daniels has enough problems without getting wrapped up in a murder. Her mother's magic shop is about to go under and the local gang wants their money. Desperate to make the payment, she jumps at the chance to help Ella, a young woman in need of a carriage, a dress, and a pair of slippers. But, when Ella is murdered at the Prince's Ball, the detective in charge of the case thinks Tessa is hiding something.
  She is. Thanks to a magical gold ring, Tessa can see Ella's ghost, and the only way to end the midnight hauntings is to solve Ella's murder. With a killer on the loose and a dangerous gang on her heels, Tessa will have to join forces with the detective. But, long held secrets are about to surface, and the killer may be closer than anyone could have imagined.

The Infamous

The Infamous

When infamy falls for nobility... that is the beginning of one reckless serenade.

• A Romeo and Juliet Retelling •

Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories (NaNoWriMo 2016)

When Avery gets news that she has a brain tumor that can damage her memory, she begins a routine to record all of her memories down as she goes through treatment and a surgery that could ultimately change her life.

"The tumor is tucked away in my temporal lobe. It's hiding in the comfort of the soft tissue, afraid to come out. That's how I think of it. I think of this threatening lump as a social outcast that confines itself to a dark corner never to come out. Never to see the light again. Little does it know, it is causing me discomfort."

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Plush Love

Plush Love

For Elizabeth, dreams are where she can live out her biggest wish; being the princess of a world with all of her stuffed animals. There, she's respected and constantly showered in love and praise by her fluffy subjects.

But in reality, she only puts fear into their cotton-filled hearts. After being ripped apart and sown back together so many times, it's no wonder why the deformed plushies' angry souls won't rest until they return the favor.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour (#OnceUponNow)

Lana Wilson goes to a night club with her best friend, Annabelle Waverly, to absorb the magickal powers that will be released on this special night. Little does she know that her life will change forever.
As the Witching Hour approaches, loud music blares from the speakers and the strobe lights flash overhead, smoke lingers in the air adding a surreal effect to the already daunting night of a full moon on Friday the 13th. 

All the freaks are out tonight...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rogue Assassin

Rogue Assassin

It has been two years since Lady Cassandra Cortova's sister mysteriously disappeared while on a routine mission.
Two years since she had to take her sister's place as one of the wealthiest silk merchants in Lathos.
And two years since she stepped up as the Second-in-Command within the deadly Guild of Assassins.
But when it becomes apparent that the Guild's loyalties may not lie as deep as once believed, Cass must quickly decide who to trust, and who to eliminate, if she's to discover what's become of her sister before the same happens to her.



Emma Martello lives her life by one simple rule: Don't let anyone in, and you can't get hurt. It has "protected" her heart numerous times-when her dad was murdered as an accomplice to a high-profile robbery, when her mom abandoned her, and when her brother moved half-way across the country, leaving her to deal with it all alone.

When her grandma dies-the one person she could always depend on-she finds herself vulnerable in a way she has never been before. Suddenly, her brother wants to reconcile, her estranged mother pops back up like a bad case of herpes, and a close friend is diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

The cherry on top: Her childhood irritation, and next-door-neighbor, Ryan Cameron, wants to pursue a romantic relationship, seemingly out of nowhere.

Her confusion is made complete when strange things start to happen that threatens everything she's grown up believing. Break-ins, an assault, a secret stalker, and a mysterious safe, lead her on a path of self-discovery that promises to change her forever.

As she tries to navigate the minefield of love, forgiveness, friendship, and grief, while danger threatens her life and the life of the ones she loves, will she find the answers she needs and figure out what's most important before she loses everything?

Saturday, October 22, 2016



No, no, you must be confused. Sometimes, humans get confused about me. They think I am one of them.

I am not human. I am Thing. 


By the year 2030, Ingle Tech- owned by the wealthy and influential Ingle family- has monopolized the electronics industry. 

But the Ingles have a dark secret. Two dark secrets, actually. 

Secrets they will do anything to keep.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Right to Rule

The Right to Rule | #Wattys2016

~ Book 1 of The Sundered Land Chronicles ~
  For centuries the Land of Arrah has known nothing but war.
  In the Omarion Kingdom, the war is the least of their problems as court politics stir up trouble from within. However, Crown Prince Philip has other concerns - the murder of his mother.
  Meanwhile, the Emperor of Seoyeon has discovered a secret that can change the fate of Arrah once and for all. Clever and calculated, Emperor Fermat will stop at nothing to win the war. But things fall hard for Captain Tormac as he struggles to maintain the facade of loyal servant to the Emperor, when, really, he's not.
  War waits for no one. When so much is at stake, neither side can back down in their bid for victory and the ultimate right to rule.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fallen Rose

Fallen Rose (Darien Journals vol. 1)

After being adopted by the Turner's in 1913, Darien finds himself obsessed with the one person he is forbidden to have - his best friend's sister. 

Falling down a sinful path, Darien confesses his feelings only to find that Miss Roxanne 'Rose' Turner has eyes for someone else, but he is still determined to try and win her heart by getting her the perfect birthday present.

However, his efforts fall short when vampire attacks start to spread around town, eventually finding their happy little home. When a brutal vampire crashes Roxanne's birthday, their lives become chaos and the trio set out for redemption, safety, and bittersweet revenge.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Viper's Venom

The Viper's Venom

  "It's not what it looks like."
  "It never is." Ever.
  After being betrayed by her (ex-)adoptive parents, Amber Johnson focuses all her attention on carrying out her employer's bidding. Working for an organisation which is trying to make a difference in the world is never easy, and having the cops consider it a terrorist organisation makes it even worse.
  When she stumbles upon an intelligence officer who begs her for help in catching someone he has a personal vendetta against, things start going haywire. Suddenly, her own colleagues are turning against her and her friends become her enemies. Nothing is as it seems. And to put icing on the cake, what's all this about poisoning people? Has it got to do with the man who the officer wanted to catch? Or is it nothing more than rumours spurring from the fact that the organisation's name is Poison? 
  Whatever it is, she needs answers and there is only one way that she is going to get them. By fighting fire with fire. Or rather, by fighting Poison with poison... 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beckoning [Unearthed Series #1]

Beckoning [Unearthed Series #1]

Unable to remember the past few months, Sera Burkhart wakes one night to find herself in a strange world and surrounded by people with even stranger abilities. With the help of a long-time friend, she quickly discovers that the life she's been living for the past two months hasn't entirely been her own. Hidden in plain sight with the help of a newly created persona, Sera's life has been meticulously crafted and maintained by her kidnapper... all the way down to her job, personality, and memories of her family. 
As the missing pieces of her memories start to return, Sera realizes that the here and now might not be the only thing she needs to worry about. Finding out that her entire life has been shaped by the secrets and lies of those closest to her, she takes it upon herself to unravel the truth before her past catches up with her.

69 Days Without You

69 days without you #Wattys2016

Liam Walker's life changes drastically when he watches his best friend Allison Parker get hit by a car. The injuries are so bad that Allie ends up in a coma, leaving Liam devastated. He visits her at the hospital as often as possible, wishing for nothing more than to see her wake up.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Late Night Creeps

Late Night Creeps

An anthology of short horror stories. 

Looking for some late night creeps? As the hours of the night tick slowly past and the darkness is penetrated with eyes burning into you, then these are the only stories that will ensure that you won't sleep. This collection of short horror tales are sure to frighten and scare, so turn off the lights, and prepare to be taken to a world where anything is possible.

Late Night Conversations

Late Night Conversations #Wattys2016 [COMPLETED]

One collision.

Two strangers.

One unorthodox way to pay off her debt.

Three weeks of late night conversations.

One Date.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Hollow People

The Hollow People

Eleni Markova has never felt emotion before: no happiness, no sadness, no anger, and no fear. She is one of the Hollow People, a group that came about a hundred years ago when a virus swept over the world, decimating the population and leaving only a fraction of people uncontaminated. Most of the contaminated died, and the few that recovered from the plague were changed forever. Their genes were altered, and they lost their ability to feel emotion

Now, a hundred years after the Hollow Virus, the only remaining human civilization thrives under the leadership of the Hollow People, and Eleni, a member of the City Guard, is a prime example of what a Hollow Person should be. But when terrorists attack the city, Eleni begins to experience what she never believed she could: fear. The foreign emotion runs rampant though her, causing her to flee for her life and abandon her post.

With the city in chaos, Eleni must either trust her newfound emotions and a con artist named Oliver or let her home be destroyed.

Finding Harmony

Finding Harmony #Wattys2016 #NewAdult

I like feeling numb. It's comfortable and most days I can't even remember what it felt like before. Then she enters my life and I'm not prepared for her at all.

When 19 year old Olivia Barnes starts college, she's excited to focus on her degree and to build a life away from home. The last thing she needs is a guy in the mix. Because of her unfortunate past she's not interested in giving away her heart or her body. Especially not to someone like Riley Coleman.

Riley has one rule when it comes to girls. It's ok to have fun but nothing too serious. When Olivia enters his life he's thrown for a loop and he doesn't like it. Memories that he's tried hard to forget keep coming up to the surface, and he blames her for it. 

Will two strangers overcome their obstacles and maybe help each other heal in the process?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Arrows & Anchors

Arrows & Anchors || #Wattys2016

A quirky writer meets a rising musician on one fateful summer evening in Tucson, Arizona. 

English rockstar Julian Miles is known for his virtuosic skills on the guitar. What he's not known for, however, is striking up conversation with fans or strangers. In fact, because of his dark past, Julian doesn't say much of anything, to anyone at all.

All of that changes, though, when he first catches sight of Brooke Fray - a troubled, withdrawn American girl that he can't seem to shake from his thoughts... or his heart.

Despite their discernible differences, Julian and Brooke share a great commonality: heartbreaking histories and a desire to keep them a secret from the other.

Julian saves Brooke from her old life of addiction and depression. When it comes time for her to return the favor, Brooke must make a life-altering decision. 

When laid out on the operating table, none of the ticket upgrades, lavish trips or private jets could make a bit of difference. That's because, for Brooke Fray, being a famous musician's girlfriend isn't always as glamorous as it seems. 


Matterflow | #Wattys2016
-Zamir Kadodia
Matter always exists. 

Malcolm Fenhold is a young scientist, and has always viewed the world differently to everyone else. He could see the untapped potential, and knew that he could make a difference. Ever since the day when he was unexpectedly abandoned, he's spent every waking hour of his life fascinated with the impossibility of science fiction, and wants to make it science fact. 

With a major discovery on his hands and the odds against him, Malcolm now has to defy everyone's expectations. However, when the experiment suddenly takes a turn for the worst, and a mysterious character wants to steal all that he has worked for, Malcolm and the love of his life; Linda Spengler, are caught up in a tangled web of strings and lies, and anything they do can have dramatic consequences in the real world. 

In Zamir Kadodia's fast-paced science fiction/thriller Matterflow, join Malcolm and Linda on their journey of love, loss, discovery, and self admittance.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Code

The Code #Wattys2016

The year was 2065 c.e, and the world collapsed from over population. After the collapse and many years of war, a suspiciously survivable company called the Achilles created its own police force known as the Patrolmen to take control. Designations hold the key to bringing down the company, and Alex is one such lucky candidate. Through her struggle to accept her purpose, she learns the truth behind the Achilles and the importance of stopping them. 

The path to end the company is filled with many obstacles, and not just from the Patrolmen. Avoiders, Vagabonds, genetically altered creatures and other dangers are there to stop her and her friends from finishing their mission.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mila's Shift

Mila's Shift (The Darkest Day Series - Book 1)

One call. Mila answered one call.       

An accident of birth has left her on the run since the world discovered people like her existed. Off the grid, she gets a call from an old friend. She answers.      

Now, her friend is dead, and she's taken her place on a deceptively old space ship. But the people who killed her friend think she's still alive, and they're gunning for Mila, who's borrowed her face.      

Can she get away with it?      

With a Captain increasingly suspicious, security personnel dogging her every move, and an assassin lurking somewhere on board, an assassin who could be anyone, will she survive long enough to figure out why her friend was killed?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

New World

New World

Rosalind finds herself out of place in an American school when she has to move from England. However, there is something darker out in the nighttime, something that she should be more afraid of than anything her old human life could throw at her. When she finds out a secret that her parents kept from her for years, she finds herself lost in a war between supernatural beings with her at the centre. The people who want her will stop at nothing, but they only come when the storm comes.

Three Shades of Black

Three Shades of Black [#Wattys2016]

Not even death can save you now.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


Shiver ( #Wattys2016 )

 ❝long live the state ;;

A decade ago, when humanity got out of control, seven leaders made a decision that would change the world forever. They recruited scientists, engineers, and all the smartest people they could get their hands on to create a natural disaster that would shroud the world in an eternal winter.

Thus, they started anew- they gathered up the survivors, and from the rubble of what was once Prague, they rebuilt their glass empire.

Evanna Frior is one of three million people who survived the storm- but she's not human. A genetic experiment gone wrong, she is the representation of vengeful psychopathy- and the only thing standing in the way of the government as it strives towards one unanimous goal: perfection.

                                                                                                   -- long live perfection.❞


De-ac-ti-vated [#Wattys2016]

I was in Biology 101 when the sirens went off.

We were herded in single file to the buses that escorted us to the loading docks twenty miles away. Once there, I got dislocated from my group and watched as they boarded the space pod I was meant to be on. Several minutes later, airborne and on their way to space, the white pod exploded into a ball of flame and ash.

Lost in the whims of guilt and relief, I joined another group on a separate pod. Ten minutes later, I looked down upon the Blue Planet for what could very well be the last time. It was not sorrow that I felt for her, but fear.

De-ac-ti-vated tells the story of how Earth perished and its inhabitants were forced to flee into the black unknown of space. But leaving Earth was only the beginning. No one could have fathomed what the deep black of the cosmos held for them.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Insecurities of a Fat Girl

The Insecurities of a Fat Girl (#Wattys2016)

Julia Kristy Anderson, a 24-year-old woman who is independent, successful, has a nice home, a nice job and loving friends & family but some insecurities of her not so perfect body, pains and horrors of the past and not being able to accept herself fully from her outer shell to her inner core is not giving her the freedom she has always wanted. The feeling of not being able to love herself is also stopping her to let someone else to love her too.

So walk with Julia in her journey of loving and accepting herself, finally closing the door of her past and accepting the love the world and the fate is willing to give her.

The Beauty in Pain

The Beauty in Pain | Book One of In Pain Trilogy (#Wattys2016)

It is the year 803 and Mynera wished she was dead. Or at least, not sitting in her bedchambers waiting for her guards to arrive to lead her to the King and her fiance - the Prince of the Five Nations.

She didn't want to get married. She didn't want didn't want to become Queen when the Prince is named King. She wanted to be free. 

And she got her wish, even though it's not quite in the same way she wanted. When the capital is attacked, the wedding is off. But, alas, it's at the cost of war and Mynera finds herself on the run, following the lead of the dark haired prince with eyes as cold as ice and a hand gripping her heart.

Victim of Beauty

Victim of Beauty [#Wattys2016]

"Piece by piece, it breaks me to know that I'm never going to be what they want me to become."
Eighteen-year-old Olivia Clarkson is insecure. On the outside, she seems like a normal teenage girl. On the inside, she's broken. 

While society whispers profanities in her ear, she struggles to construct the perfect facade. She pretends to be someone that she's not, all for perfection's sake. But, that doesn't stop the harsh whispers, criticism and abuse to venture inside of her, crushing her in the process. 

When she meets Nolan Domensain, something changes. He doesn't come to save her, rather help her- two very different things. For a girl that doesn't know what's beauty, yet wants it, it's going to be a difficult task.

Insecurities, self-hatred, heartache, abuse, lost, first loves, sexual encounters, psychological damage, unhealthy relationships, pain, beauty...

Join Olivia Clarkson in her tumultuous quest to find beauty. Will she find the beauty she desperately seeks or discover something else?

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Syren (#Wattys2016 #Trailblazers)

Kra, the world that Syren lives in, is in danger. 

Syren is your average girl. Average looks, average life, and she figured she'll have an average job to fit her average element. Not once did she think that the Goddess Pax had something more in store for her.

On her sixeenth birthday, Syren fell asleep, none too eager to wake up the next day near her chosen element that was probably just as boring to match her boring life. Instead, she woke up in the Shrine of Sanctitate where she's lying on an altar.

Syren soon finds out that she possesses powers not known to man, powers bestowed to her by the Goddess herself, powers that she will need to save Kra.


Beautiful [#FreeYourShorts]

❝You are beautiful. You're just blinded by your desperation to be something you already are.❞ 

      In which a girl believes that beauty is something that you are instantly born with, something that you have when you are flawless, something that only happens to people who are beautiful.



1. Agreement.

This Terms of Service (the "Agreement") constitutes a legally binding agreement by and between the NAHO (National Artificial Human Organization) and you, concerning your interest in having a clone child. By agreeing to this contract, you adhere to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

I) The NAHO will provide monetary compensation for up to 18 years after the birth of the child as well as pay any fees along the way. If, during pregnancy, you feel like you will be unable to take care of the child properly, you are free to abort the child at any time. By doing so, the contract will be nullified and any financial assistance you have received must be reimbursed in full.

If, after pregnancy, you feel like you will be unable to take care of the child properly, you are free to turn the child over to the government's custody. By doing so, the contract will be nullified and any financial assistance you have received must be reimbursed in full.

II) Starting at the age of 14, the NAHO will be in charge of the child's education and future. Parents will be able to visit once a month, but after they graduate, there will be no further contact allowed, except in rare cases. (See Section 2.06.12 for more details.)

III) If the clone happens to die at any point, an investigation will commence. Should the cause of death be proved as accidental, we will not pursue further legal action and you would not be responsible for reimbursing the NAHO for any financial assistance you have received. However, if it is revealed that the child was killed with malicious intent or for the sake of insurance fraud, you will be fined heavily as well as face criminal charges for the destruction of property.

Please sign below verifying that you agree to the above terms and conditions. You will be hearing back from us within 6-8 weeks with more information on how to proceed.

X _________________________________

The Little Queen and the Moon

The Little Queen and the  Moon #wattys2016

Sol sets off on a journey to find her heart, she believes to be lost forever.
Along the way she encounters friends and foes, each teach her a lesson.

- The Little Prince had his rose, but the Little Queen, she has the Moon.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Solum #Wattys2016

Taken from her home and everything she knew and loved, Aria has spent most of her life imprisoned. She has long forgotten who she is and where she came from. There, she meets Reagan, a kindhearted young man who gives her life new meaning. He gives her a new identity, while they are locked away.

After fleeing from her imprisonment, Aria learns of the chaotic state, the supernatural world had been placed under. From werewolves to centurions, every creature had been preparing for an imminent war that is about to take place. She is their only hope, a savior among the supernatural creatures. Can she stop the war before it takes place, or will death and despair ravage the lands.



I wrote this poem so people can read the way I see things.

World Without Reason

World Without Reason [Volume 1][Ongoing][#Wattys2016]

Nicholas, Zach, and Sera are summoned to the world of Aurelia, a dream-like world of fantasy. From man-eating trees to three-headed dragons, this world has it all. 

As they begin to take their first steps however, death makes its move. When his friends fall one by one, Nick is left with a new goal in mind: revenge. 

Setting off on an arduous journey, he meets new friends, as well as new enemies. However, as he starts to see this world for what it truly is, revenge becomes the least of his worries.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


The Society

Kim Sylvester, Eric Murdoch, and Sierra Grant are researchers sent by the mysterious "Society" to observe nature. Kim to research the forest, Eric to observe the ocean, and Sierra to observe the mountains. 

Strange things start happening, things that have no explanation. Everything seems to go severely wrong.....

What is really going on? 

Will they get out alive?

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Definition of Me

The Definition of Me

Me: Noun (Technically Pronoun)
1. A talkative wall flower
2. Insecure
3. Persevering through Life
4. Waiting for the light

Saturday, May 28, 2016

November Heartbeat

November Heartbeat

***Would you want to know who had to die so you could live?***

Angelique Novak, a student at The Arts Academy of Portland, comes from a traditional family. Scared of her father's disapproval, Angelique hides her relationship with a rising rock star Brandon Ayala. As she tries to navigate through her first year of college, looking for the right moment to open up to her parents about her boyfriend, a horrible tragedy breaks everything she's been working for into pieces. 

Thousands of miles away, in Los Angeles, there is an eighteen year-old girl, whose life is put on hold till a phone call comes in few hours after Brandon Ayala is shot. A new heart, Emily Brennan has been waiting for, is now hers. 

The one thing Emily doesn't know is a price she has to pay for having this heart.



When you put all your hope in humanity, who will save you?
A young girl finds herself alone in an apocalyptic world.


-Gowrri Ajikumar

A young man's life turns upside down, leaving him alone and in misery. When life compels him to get back on his feet, he struggles. He meets new people and tries to get back the life he once had. But what happens when he is pulled into the lives of a single mother with her own tragic story.
Can love be found twice? 
Will the past catch up with the present, bringing back everything that they wanted to  forget.