Saturday, May 28, 2016

November Heartbeat

November Heartbeat

***Would you want to know who had to die so you could live?***

Angelique Novak, a student at The Arts Academy of Portland, comes from a traditional family. Scared of her father's disapproval, Angelique hides her relationship with a rising rock star Brandon Ayala. As she tries to navigate through her first year of college, looking for the right moment to open up to her parents about her boyfriend, a horrible tragedy breaks everything she's been working for into pieces. 

Thousands of miles away, in Los Angeles, there is an eighteen year-old girl, whose life is put on hold till a phone call comes in few hours after Brandon Ayala is shot. A new heart, Emily Brennan has been waiting for, is now hers. 

The one thing Emily doesn't know is a price she has to pay for having this heart.