So you created a Wattpad Account, posted the story you've spent hours writing, and BAM! Your story just became Wattpad's biggest hit--votes skyrocket, notifications blow up your phone, and thousands of fans follow you. The golden light shines on YOU as the angels sing above your head.

But . . . let's face it. Wattpad doesn't work that way. Instead, many stories with the potential of becoming the next bestseller have one problem--discovery.

Watt's Trending is designed for undiscovered writers, and readers seeking their next story. Searching through the "Undiscovered" section on Wattpad is a pain because the best stories are buried beneath hundreds of poorly written ones. For readers, I've filtered through that section to bring you only the top quality books.

Promoting Your Story

If you are an undiscovered Wattpad author and would like to see your work on Watt's Trending, feel free to submit your basic story info here. Keep in mind not all stories will be accepted. Feedback will be provided within a week if your book is fit for the blog.