Saturday, November 19, 2016



Emma Martello lives her life by one simple rule: Don't let anyone in, and you can't get hurt. It has "protected" her heart numerous times-when her dad was murdered as an accomplice to a high-profile robbery, when her mom abandoned her, and when her brother moved half-way across the country, leaving her to deal with it all alone.

When her grandma dies-the one person she could always depend on-she finds herself vulnerable in a way she has never been before. Suddenly, her brother wants to reconcile, her estranged mother pops back up like a bad case of herpes, and a close friend is diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

The cherry on top: Her childhood irritation, and next-door-neighbor, Ryan Cameron, wants to pursue a romantic relationship, seemingly out of nowhere.

Her confusion is made complete when strange things start to happen that threatens everything she's grown up believing. Break-ins, an assault, a secret stalker, and a mysterious safe, lead her on a path of self-discovery that promises to change her forever.

As she tries to navigate the minefield of love, forgiveness, friendship, and grief, while danger threatens her life and the life of the ones she loves, will she find the answers she needs and figure out what's most important before she loses everything?