Saturday, August 27, 2016


Matterflow | #Wattys2016
-Zamir Kadodia
Matter always exists. 

Malcolm Fenhold is a young scientist, and has always viewed the world differently to everyone else. He could see the untapped potential, and knew that he could make a difference. Ever since the day when he was unexpectedly abandoned, he's spent every waking hour of his life fascinated with the impossibility of science fiction, and wants to make it science fact. 

With a major discovery on his hands and the odds against him, Malcolm now has to defy everyone's expectations. However, when the experiment suddenly takes a turn for the worst, and a mysterious character wants to steal all that he has worked for, Malcolm and the love of his life; Linda Spengler, are caught up in a tangled web of strings and lies, and anything they do can have dramatic consequences in the real world. 

In Zamir Kadodia's fast-paced science fiction/thriller Matterflow, join Malcolm and Linda on their journey of love, loss, discovery, and self admittance.