Saturday, April 9, 2016

Screen Time

Screen Time

Before that winter, Clara had been a normal teenage girl. She spent about twelve hours a day using one of her family's many computers on an OnLife site. She'd never seen any of her friends in person. She'd hardly ever cracked a window or door. She'd never even left her own home. 

And why would she need to? Everything she could ever ask for was just a mere touch or simple command away from somewhere OnLife. Her necessities, her education, her career, her wants, and all the money she owns is all OnLife.

But that's about to change...

Somehow, one little mistake puts the US government on her tail. Clara has no choice but  to leave her home and family to flee into the unknown, where she has to rely on instinct and make careful choices. Along the way, she makes interesting discoveries and is forced to wonder if everything she's ever known is real, or just a lie.