Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ballad of Silence and Wings

Ballad of Silence and Wings

(A retelling of the fairy tales "Seven Ravens" and "Six Swans")

A silence to keep and a wicked queen to defeat.

Eleven years ago, a kingdom fell to the hands of a sorceress. Its king was overthrown, and the royal family was struck down. Only the young Princess survived and fled the onslaught.

The Princess returns, armed with a gold glaive and her Silence. By her side is the Caster, wielder of silver scimitars and spells, guide and protector. Together they set forth into the Glass Mountain, where the sorceress reigns as the immortal Queen.

A tale of grievance and hatred, of lost dreams and those that go forth happily, and of love and hope that can emerge from the darkest of places - and so begins, and ends, the story of the silent Princess, the one marked by the golden cross, and her caster.