Saturday, March 26, 2016


FOREVER LOST          Traitor

-A Butterfly never forgets-

   Have you ever stopped for a second to question yourself about what really surrounds you? There's a tiny, innocent curiosity inside all of us that asks why we're here or what happens beyond the limits of what we know. 

   What if I told you there were Organizations that went further above the CIA or the FBI's top secret departments- I'll even go as far as to say the entire set of private filers from every government around the world- that kept everything in place? Organizations with such power to make the CIA look like a toddler in its early stages and fool everyone else into believing they don't even exist; organizations that carried unimaginable control enlightened by greed or the best intentions as far as keeping the people safe went. It'd sound a tad crazy, wouldn't it? Then again, are you really sure you know about everything that happens around you?

   As far as the story concerns, there's only one thing you should keep in mind: When life tests you, enemies can end up being your best allies, as well as the people you think you know can end up being your worst enemies. Especially, when people whom you love get torn away from you. Sometimes it's worth jeopardizing your life for the ones you love...perhaps you can end up finding yourself along the way. Dig deeper into the life of people capable of doing anything to protect civilians with no limits to bound them to any rules whatsoever, into the life of people who own every single mob on planet Earth, and people who have only one mission: kill.