Saturday, March 26, 2016

Breaking the Darkness

Breaking The Darkness: Book One of The Light and Dark Trilogy #Wattys2016

"Stone Cold.

With each step I take, the further my heart breaks.

Stone Cold.

The weight of everyone's stare rests heavily upon me, while my eyes are focused on the casket before me.

Stone Cold.

Silent tears fall, as the images break their way through my barrier.





My breathing becomes erratic, as my steps falter.


Is what they stole from my family.

I will make them pay for everything they have done."

In a world where demons run rampant, destroying everything they touch, seventeen year old Hartely Daniels is left alone. Trying to balance both the light and the dark sides, she has to overcome her inner evils. Will she overcome her cold demeanor and learn to fall in love? Or will she let the darkness consume her?