Saturday, May 21, 2016



The world is dead. Gone. Peeled away, like dead skin. Underneath, lies the nothing: a void between worlds, the sole occupants of which are malevolent shadow beings called glowdarks.

Only a select number of individuals possess the ability to peel their way into new worlds; they are the rippers. And Em is one of them. He can sense the "rips" scattered throughout each dimension and use them to peel through to the next world. But as Em and his group of survivors peel through world after world, battling glowdarks, zombies, and even gods, they discover that their world is not the only one that has ended. Everywhere they go, worlds are dying off, one by one.

And it's up to them to find out why.

If "The Walking Dead" were a young adult fantasy with dimension-hopping and shadow monsters, it might look something like this. Communities will be formed. Alliances will be broken. The road to survival will be paved with blood and entrails.

And death lurks behind every rip.