Saturday, March 19, 2016



To break down into fragments
To float in the air
To feel the wind rushing against you
To escape the body you wear

Mireya lives in an era that is endangered by the fatal Mist, one that has slowly crawled its way from the center of the Earth towards neighboring cities and has engulfed them whole. It is approaching WestCity where Mireya lives and not even the advanced technology of the City can stop it from crumbling them down. The governing Scientists say they are manufacturing a cure by experimenting on young Mireya but are they really doing what they say they are? Mireya has doubts and she is bent on confirming them when suddenly, she becomes what the Scientists are hunting. She becomes a Fragment.

Lives are at stake, a whole City left vulnerable to the hands of the Mist. Will Mireya survive the Shatter and become whole again to save what is one fifth of the human population left?

Glass is a material to be handled with caution. One slip and it breaks. One touch and it cuts. Heated too much, it bursts.

It is not just the lives of humans that is at stake but also their humanity that must not be lost on the way.