Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Long Way Down

The Long Way Down

“This is your captain speaking. We ask all passengers to remain calm and proceed towards the emergency exits. I repeat, remain calm. All passengers to the emergency exits.”

There was a crackle and an uneasy silence, before; “We regret to inform you that this vessel is sinking.”

Damien Smith doesn't expect to end up washed up on LA sand days after his cruise ship sinks with everyone on it. Of the fourteen total survivors, he is the only one to make it halfway around the world without any memory of it.

Soon he finds that he wasn't who he was before the ship sank, and winds up staying in St Martin's Community Centre - a cunningly disguised rehab facility for supernatural individuals. There he meets a slightly forgetful and outrageously flirtatious elf with a bad dress sense, a receptionist who isn't who she seems, and a vampire who uses him as her personal stalker project. The four come together somewhat reluctantly, and are soon battling with troubles from all quarters - including a very dangerous organisation that that vampire unwittingly exposed them all to.

Soon they find themselves flying all over the world and uncovering some not-so-nice secrets along the way.