Saturday, December 19, 2015

Whitecliff Academy

Whitecliff Academy
Twenty years have passed since the forces of humanity joined together to overthrow their rulers-an ancient and supernatural race of beings known as Aeons. After many years of being hunted and purged for the tyranny of their ancestors, the Aeons have been forced to retreat into the deep corners of the world. Many of them claim only to want peace, and an end to the bloodshed of their race.

One of these people is Nahlia Cole. Her mother was an Aeon, killed fifteen years ago during the purge. Now she lives in secret with her father in the small, peaceful village of Northshire.

But when Nahlia's father is arrested by the Templar order, she's forced to make a decision. In exchange for help from a fellow Aeon who promises to rescue her father, she will have to use her lineage to gain access to Whitecliff Academy, the last known Aeon sanctuary in the world. 

Now, Nahlia is thrust into a secret world where young members of the great Aeon clans are secretly trained in the arts of war and combat. As the intentions of their enemy become clear, Nahlia is forced to choose between her family and the future of her entire race.