Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Requiem Eternal

Writer Kate Hartley is in desperate need of a change after the divorce. The old Victorian house in New Haven is just what she and her daughter, Tess, need. When Kate finds an antique book coded in Celtic and translates it, she wonders if it will be the story of her career or if will they survive to know the ending.

In the 14th Century, Lord William of Wyckham leads an appointed life of luxury and absolute power as a Child of Psyon. His forbidden lust for the fire of an unattainable maidservant, Lorelle, becomes his undoing when she creates a rogue Psyon from a Knight of the Holy Templar.

Sorin Ladislov is a hunted rogue Psyon who struggles through the centuries with the loss of his love who didn't follow him into the strange bargain he accepted to save them both. His power over others consumes him, urging him to survive. From his travels to the new world on a Viking ship to New Haven, Connecticut in 2008, his moral fiber is tested. Once in New Haven, he is captivated by Natasha Cross. He finds his passion for her is as strong as his leaning toward evil.